Sicilian born Arturo Di Modica arrived on Wall Street during the middle of the night on 15th December 1989 with his 16ft bronze Charging Bull sculpture on the back of a truck, which he proceeded to drop outside of the New York Stock Exchange, with no prior permission from the authorities. The sculpture, conceived in the wake of the 1987 stock market crash, was the artists gift to the American people and intended to inspire all whom came into contact with it to carry on fighting with strength and determination through the hard times for a brighter future.

Now 77, Di Modica lives between New York and his hometown of Vittoria, Sicily, where he is currently building a 12 acre international sculpture school, intended to keep the traditional Italian techniques of sculpting alive. Having worked completely alone for the majority of his 50-year plus career, it is only now has he agreed to finally tell his story to the world and for the entirety of his body of art to be known.